Jenny Evans is the author of the award-winning book The Resiliency rEvolution: Your Stress Solution for Life – 60 Seconds at a Time.

What if, despite the ever-increasing stress in your professional and personal lives, you were able to live resiliently? You perform well in a demanding work environment, are the best possible version of yourself for your loved ones, and are becoming healthier every day. You eat healthy, sleep well, and have the time and energy to exercise. 

Much of our physiological hardwiring still dates back to when we were cave people. The human body hasn’t evolved to our twenty-first-century, stress-filled lifestyles and we’re paying the price – we’re dEvolving.

The Resiliency rEvolution is your stress solution. Rather than letting stress diminish your life, you can become more resilient to it. Using your primitive hardwiring to your advantage, you can learn how to recover from stress more quickly and raise your threshold for it. Utilizing realistic and manageable tactics, you’ll soon be on your way toward a more resilient life.

It’s time to join the rEvolution! Work with your body and brain to realize your full potential and to perform at your absolute best—professionally and personally—in the face of stress.

Emotional Mojo Jenny chats with the Emotional Mojo team about her book and how to keep commitments with help from Sneaky Pete.

The Daily Buzz The Daily Buzz interviews Jenny on how to retrain our brains to better cope with stress – and help us stick to our 2015 resolutions.

“Jenny Evans is a master communicator. Her book is insightful, thoughtful and exceptionally practical. An important read for anyone who wants to perform at higher levels, deal with stress in a positive way, and experience better health in the process.”
     – Dan Buettner, New York Times Bestselling author of Blue Zones.

“This is the most effective book I have seen that combines hard scientific evidence with simple, pragmatic strategies to live a more resilient life.  It’s a new pathway to optimum performance. Executives and professionals looking for improved resiliency, performance and health can find it here. “
     – Ken Fenoglio, Vice President, AT&T University

“Today’s 24/7 accessibility of people and information causes stress in all of our lives. Anyone seeking to increase resilience and optimize their potential will greatly benefit from The Resiliency rEvolution. It captures the essence of how the body responds to stress, how it affects our physical and mental performance, and how to use it to our advantage.”
     – Niki Leondakis, CEO, Commune Hotels + Resorts

The Resiliency rEvolution has done a spectacular job of shining light on a new approach to dealing with stress.  It is filled with scientific insights, enlightening stories, real life examples and practical tools to improve our lives and work.”
     – Martin Scott, Executive Director, High Potential Talent Development, Comcast University