How Hit the Deck Works

There are three different intensity categories you can work from:

  1. No Sweat
  2. I’m Glistening
  3. Sweating Buckets

Each category of 10 cards contains exercises that challenge all major muscle groups for a comprehensive total body strength-training and cardiovascular workout at the same time, using no equipment.

The length of your workout will be determined by how many cards you perform and the duration you set on the programmable interval timer. If you are short on time, keep it quick and only choose a few cards. If you’ve got more time, select more cards and even repeat the cycle over as many times as you can take it!

It is recommended you begin with 30-second intervals, however, if 30 seconds is too long, start with a shorter duration until you build up your capacity.

After setting the timer, you’ll perform the 5 Warm-up & Cool Down cards and then jump in to the heart of your workout. You’ll draw your first exercise card, do as many repetitions as you can during the interval, and when the timer beeps you’ll hit stop, draw your next card, hit start on the timer and get going on your next exercise. You’ll move from one card to the next as quickly as possible and continue on until you are out of cards or have repeated the cycle as many times as desired. Finish with the 5 Warm-up & Cool Down cards and you are done!

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What Hit the Deck Can Do For You

  • Help you to lose weight, burn fat, and add muscle tone
  • Provide you cardio AND weight training exercise at the same time
  • Improve your overall levels of fitness and wellness
  • Allow for flexibility – workouts can be any length desired
  • Offer variety by providing a wide range of effective exercises
  • Deliver an excellent workout with no fitness equipment
  • Provide a great way to cross-train
  • Expand your ability to handle and recover from stress
  • Improve the quality of your sleep

You can:

  • Get an efficient and effective exercise session when you travel
  • Perform it any time, anywhere — you don’t have to belong to a gym
  • Increase intensity by adding time
  • Raise intensity by increasing the number of total exercises done
  • Increase intensity by repeating the rotation of the selected exercises
  • Do it with a workout partner or group
  • Make it a family game!