How Often Should You Do Hit The Deck?

PowerHouse Hit the Deck™ has been skillfully designed to give you both a cardiovascular and resistance training workout at the same time.  From a cardiovascular perspective, you can get the heart rate up and challenge the cardiovascular system every day, though 1-2 days of recovery or days off are critical for most of us.  When we put stress on the body it grows stronger, but too much stress without sufficient time to recover can lead to injury, burn-out and decreased performance.

As important as it is to work your muscles, recovery is just as critical.  When you are doing resistance training and stressing your muscles to the point where they are feeling fatigued or you’ve reached momentary muscle failure, you’ve put tiny, microscopic tears in the muscle fibers.  When your body goes in and repairs these minuscule tears, it also builds the fibers up a little stronger than they were before. This takes approximately 24-48 hours and this is how muscle growth occurs.

With this in mind, you do not want to do resistance training for the same muscle group two consecutive days in a row.  If you did, you wouldn’t be letting the body repair and recover from the workout sufficiently.

What this means is that the optimal way to use PowerHouse Hit the Deck™ is every other day. You can do more cardiovascular training in between these workouts if you like, for instance walking, running, swimming or other aerobic activities.

If you are already doing resistance training using weight equipment, this can easily fit in to your workout schedule — it’s important to keep variety in your workout as it keeps your body on its toes and prevents you from hitting a plateau. Doing all 10 cards of No Sweat, I’m Glistening or Sweating Buckets works every major muscle group on the body, so it would be considered a full-body resistance training workout.

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