The key to restoring balance and building resiliency after the stress response has been stimulated is to fight or flee—or more realistically in today’s environment, to “Play It Out” with a short burst of vigorous physical activity. Play It Out uses up the stress hormones and releases bliss molecules like endorphins and endocannabinoids. Not only do these substances reestablish balance, they neutralize the negative physiological effects of stress.







One of the biggest problems we face today is that most of us are exposed to frequent bouts of stress all day long, but we don’t have the opportunity to duke it out, run in the opposite direction, or even Play It Out. We have mainly sedentary jobs, we use an endless array of labor saving devices, and we live in environments where little to no movement is necessary. If we don’t Play It Out, it means we’re stuck marinating in a riptide of stress hormones. Without this short burst of high-intensity exercise, cortisol continues to circulate, which results in many negative consequences to the brain and body.

Lack of movement is short-circuiting the system!

But there’s more. By not playing it out, we not only create negative side effects; we also miss out on positive side effects. Great side effects, actually. This lack of movement means we miss out on the release of the amazing bliss molecules that restore balance, make us feel happy and calm, increase brain volume, and boost immunity. Just minimizing the damage of the stress hormones is only half the equation. To fully take part in the rEvolution, it’s critical we also get the release of bliss molecules to neutralize, restore, and enhance our body and brain. The key is to Play It Out with short bursts of intense physical activity.