My new bullwhip was delivered yesterday and I was giving it some inaugural cracks in the backyard.  (Yes, I just glazed over the fact that I have a bullwhip.  More on this in another post, but I can promise you it’s not what you think.)  The neighbor came over and asked if it would be alright for her son to peek in because he was curious about the noise.

A little background on the neighbor’s son:  a)  he is absolutely adorable  b)  he is IN LOVE with superheroes.  It’s all he ever talks about.  As a six year old, he freaks out the dudes that work in comic book stores with his encyclopedic knowledge of superheroes.  

I cracked the whip the first time and cannot even explain to you the look of marvel and amazement on his face.  Right then I knew we were kindred spirits because I know exactly what he was thinking and feeling in response to the crack of the whip.  

I did an overhead crack, he turned to his mom and whispered in awe “CATWOMAN!”

I will die happy.  

Someone thinks I am a superhero.